Social Studies - Grade 8

I. United States: Growth and Conflict
      A. Cultural Respect
           1. Replica: Ancient Culture
           2. Replica: Archaeoloical Dig
           3. Presentation: Artifact Photographs
           4. Display: Cultural Scrapbook

           5. Essay: Cultural Tapestry
           6. Language: Foreign Similarities
           7. Time Line: Immigration Laws
           8. Biographical Sketch: Famous U.S. Immigrants
           9. Recipes: Ethnic Foods

      B. Conflict Over Environment
           1. Interview: Native American Spiritual Beliefs
           2. Chant: Corn Ceremony
           3. Report: Before and After Columbus
           4. Book: Cheyenne Indians
           5. Charts: Culture Recreation
           6. Report: Cheyenne Indians Then and Now
           7. Debate: Treatment of Native Americans
      C. Strong Beliefs Contribute to Change and Conflict
           1. Time Line: Truths about Ocean and Earth
           2. Oral Report: Holy War
           3. Role Play: Social Status
           4. Invention: Spreading God's Word
           5. Analysis: Power of the Roman Catholic Church
           6. Design: Amish Quilt
      D. New Territory: Greater Recognition, Greater Responsibility
           1. Monologue: Character Traits of Adventurers
           2. Mobile: Historical Ships
           3. Map: The Known World
           4. Poem / Travel Log: Life at Sea
           5. Advertisement: Luxurious Liner
           6. Report: Northwest Passage
           7. Charts: Missions
           8. Research Paper: Impact of Missions
           9. Play: Lost Colony of Roanoke
         10. Dialogue: Sea Dog Attack
         11. Map: The Routes of Magellan and Drake
II. Colonial Settlement

      A. Newcomers Leave a Mark upon Civilization
           1. Letter: My Reasons for Joining the Colonists
           2. Map: Create-a-State
           3. Models: Castles and Forts
           4. Report: Comforts of Travel
           5. Chart: Types of Government
           6. Analysis: Religious Practice
           7. Report: Personal Freedom
           8. Analysis: Religious Freedom
           9. Map: North America Exploration
         10. Illustrations: Colonial Trades
      B. Personal Freedom and Conflict
           1. Skit: Witch Hunt!
           2. Poem: Life as a Slave
           3. Oral Report: Crime and Punishment
           4. Scrapbook: Legalese
           5. Scrapbook: Blue Laws
           6. Brainstorm: Equal Justice
           7. Oral Report: Misjudged!
           8. Illustration: British Court
           9. Research: The Great Awakening

      C. Rules and Government: Safety and Order
           1. Oral Report: Data Collection
           2. Debate: Data Collection
           3. Interview: Internal Revenue Service
      D. Community Laws Enforced by Government
           1. Interview: Libel Conviction
           2. Role Play: A Voice in Government
           3. Debate: 26th Amendment
           4. Political Cartoon: Current Laws
           5. Personal Testimony: Decisions, Decisions
           6. Mock Trial: Nathaniel Bacon

           7. Writing: International Peace Law
           8. Analysis: Mary Celeste Mystery
           9. Letter: Titanic Sunk!

III. A New Nation

      A. Restraints Resisted
           1. Role Play: Chief Pontiac
           2. Research: Imaginary Passport
           3. Report: Trade Laws
           4. Debate: Boston Tea Party
           5. Speech: Defeat Unfair Laws!
      B. Long-range Effects of War

           1. Diary: Soldier Attitude
           2. Essay: Problems of War
           3. Posters: We Want You!
           4. Report: Conditions of War
           5. Story: Switching Places
           6. Essay: "Knavery of Americans"
      C. Time and Distance Affect Human Relationships
           1. Song: Yankee Doodle
           2. Pamphlet: Urgent Matters
           3. Oral Report: Role of Women during War
           4. Cartoon: Declare Independence!
           5. Role Play: Government Official
           6. Game: Freedom for All
IV. A Firm Foundation
      A. Rules and Government: Safety and Order
           1. Report: Rights
           2. Mural: Freedom
           3. Monologue: I, the Constitution
           4. Speech: Presidential Campaign
           5. Chart: Bill of Rights
      B. Community Laws Enforced by Government

           1. Outline: The Role of the Vice President
           2. Letter: Revolution Advice
           3. Interview: Alien Act
           4. Flow Chart: A Bill Turns into Law
           5. Role Play: Washington's Advice
           6. Program: Constitutional Freedoms

           7. Chart: Plato's Law or U.S. Constitution?
      C. Rights, Responsibilities, and Privileges of Culture

           1. Oral Report: System of Voting
           2. Written Report: Government Spending
           3. Oral Report: Balance of Power
           4. Essay: Majority and Minority
           5. Essay: Nationalism
           6. Simulation: Political Campaign
      D. Development and Mutual Cooperation
           1. Skit: Lewis and Clark Expedition
           2. Travel Log: Expedition Comparison
           3. Oral Report: Women's Roles Analysis
           4. Report: St. Louis, City of Progress
           5. Map: Lewis and Clark Routes
           6. Bulletin Board: Expedition Discoveries

V. The Young Nation
      A. People and Environment are Interdependent
           1. Compromise: Solving a Problem
           2. News Article: Nullification Crisis
           3. Persuasive Speech: Pro-Union
           4. Diary: Trail of Tears
           5. Press Conference: Monroe Doctrine
      B. Utilizing Environment and Human Resources
           1. Book Review: Two Years before the Mast
           2. Political Cartoon: Labor Workers and Employers
           3. Pamphlet: Come to Our Fair City!
           4. Chart: Seasonal Influences
           5. Poster: Community Attraction
           6. Interview: Community Change

      C. Unique Culture and Geographic Variance
           1. Report: Patent Laws
           2. Story: Slavery Auction
           3. Narratives: Abolitionist Perspective
           4. Map: Southern Crops
      D. Reform: Social and Economic Changes
           1. Speech: Seneca Falls Resolution
           2. Graph: Voting and Property Ownership
           3. Character Sketches: Differing Philosophy
           4. Interview: Early Adventism
           5. Time Line: Development of Adventism

VI. Expansion and Civil War
      A. Personal Freedom and Conflict
           1. Research: Impact of Racial Books
           2. Play: Uncle Tom's Cabin
           3. News Article: Free the Slaves!
           4. Map: Underground Railroad
           5. Model: Underground Railroad
           6. Drama: Harriet Tubman Interview
           7. Debate: Slave vs. Free
           8. Essay: System of Slavery

      B. Living Together with Differences
           1. Role Play: Character Sketches
           2. Debate: Political Viewpoints
           3. Dialogue: Overcoming Prejudice
           4. Presentation: Forms of Prejudice
           5. Analysis: Prejudice

      C. Long-Term Effects of War
           1. Essay: Dred Scott Decision
           2. News Articles: North and South
           3. Essay: After Slavery
      D. Reform: Social and Economic Changes
           1. Group Activity: Negro Spirituals
           2. Analysis: Hope for the Future
           3. Essay: Debates of 1858
           4. Letter: President Johnson Impeachment
           5. Report: Impeaching a President

VII. Modern America Takes Shape
      A. Respect for Other Cultures
           1. Letter: Equal Representation
           2. Chart: Native American Empires
           3. Essay: Native American Belief Systems
           4. Poster: City Settlement
      B. Mutual Cooperation
           1. Map / Report: Native American Nations
           2. Group Discussion: Jim Crow Laws
           3. Journal: Homestead Act
           4. Journal / Map: Oregon Trail
           5. Diary / Map: Crossing the United States
      C. Belonging to a Culture
           1. Bulletin Board: Buffalo Uses
           2. Essay / Cartoon: Buffalo Uses
           3. Journal: European Immigrant
           4. Essay / Chart: Evolution of Immigration Laws
      D. Multiple Causations of Change
           1. Native American Chiefs
           2. Legal Brief: Native American Citizens
           3. Essay: Dawes Act
           4. Skit: Louisana Purchase
           5. Speech: Purchase of Alaska
      E. Impacts of Technology
           1. Bulletin Board: Gold Rush!
           2. Report / Map: Oregon Trail New and Old
           3. Interview: Corporation
           4. Essay / Chart: Labor Unions
           5. Drawing: Transportation after the Civil War
           6. Chart: Invention Predictions
           7. Oral Report: Life without a Telephone
           8. Essay: John Hyatt's Inventions
VIII. America Reaches Outward
      A. Significant Change
           1. Research Paper: The Chance to Change History
           2. Debate: Monopoly Regulations
           3. Advertising: Changes Over the Years
           4. Essay: City Slums in 1890
           5. Panel Discussion: 1800s Big City Politics
           6. Cartoon / Report: Wyoming's Political Stance
           7. Bulletin Board: Opportunities for Women
           8. Story: Success of an Immigrant
           9. Skit: Opulent Victorian Age
         10. Editorial: Public Opinion of Trusts
         11. Essay: Food Products' Effect on Society
         12. Debate: Women's Suffrage Movement
         13. Chart: The Evolution of the White House

         14. Essay / Display: White House Receptions
         15. Research: Assimilation into Society

         16. Research: Authors Washington and DuBois
         17. Report: Muckraker News Reporting

      B. Time and Distance Affect Relationships
           1. Essay: California and Alaska Gold Rush
           2. Paragraph: Visit to Japan
           3. Essay: American Military Actions
           4. Essay: Boxer Rebellion
           5. Debate: Imperialism
           6. Debate: Expansionism in the Philippines
           7. Report: Controlling Infectious Disease
           8. Interview: Hawaiian Queen Liliuokalani
           9. Report: U.S. Tariffs
         10. Editorial: Tariffs on Imports
         11. Report: Influence of the News
         12. Report: U.S. Territory Citizen Rights
         13. Article: Battle of San Juan Hill

      C. Strong Beliefs: Change and Conflict
           1. Posters: Propaganda
           2. Report: World War I
           3. Essay: Viewpoints of War
           4. Game: Diplomacy
           5. Report: Russian Revolution
           6. Synopses: World War I News Stories
           7. Map / Essay: Battle of the Argonne Forest
           8. Model: World War I Trench Warfare
           9. Report: Weapons of War
         10. Letter: America's Neutrality
         11. Skit: Big Four Peace Talks
         12. Speech: Sign the Treaty and Join the League!
 IX. 1919-1945 Turbulent Decades
      A. Social and Economic Change
           1. Research: Government Scandals
           2. Essay: Kellogg-Briand Pact
           3. Research: Installment Buying
           4. Essay / Poster: Farmers' Hardships
           5. Report: Health Effects of Prohibition
           6. Speech: Equal Rights Amendment
           7. Essay / Display: Harlem Renaissance
           8. Presentation: Life of Scott Joplin
           9. Chart: Emergency Quota System
         10. Play: Sacco Vanzetti Trial
Essay: Scopes Monkey Trial
         12. Posters: Ford Models
         13. Debate: Free Speech

         14. Design: 1920s Fashion
      B. Interdependence: People and Environment
           1. Research: Black Tuesday
           2. Chart: Works Progress Administration
           3. Oral Report: New Deal Program
           4. Simulation: Social Security System
           5. Report: Public Utilities
           6. Report: Unions
           7. Oral Report: Court-Packing Plan
           8. Debate: The New Deal
           9. Obituary: Life of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
         10. Broadcast: 1930s Radio
         11. Report: Authors of the Depression Era


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