Social Studies - Grade 6

I. Americas: Interdependent People
      A. Land Diversity Affects People
           1. Map: Papier-mache
           2. Itinerary: How Can I Get There?
           3. Graph: Latino Populations
           4. Worksheet: What Do You Know?

      B. Past Events Influence Present
           1. Debate: Overthrow the Government?
           2. Map: Mexican Leaders in America
           3. Report: Organization of American States
           4. Map: Languages of the Western Hemisphere
           5. Poster: Latin American Heroes
           6. Play: Controlling Disease
      C. People Use Natural Resources
           1. Chart: Exports and Imports
           2. Diorama: Farming Methods
      D. Common Needs and Unique Ways
           1. Celebration: Observed Holidays
           2. Play: Puppet Theatre
           3. Essay: Life in Pictures
           4. Flowchart: Food Origins
           5. Report: Cultural Exchange
           6. Role-play: Spanish Sayings
           7. Report: Assimilation
           8. Display: Comparison Table
           9. Documentary: Television Personality
         10. Poster: Poems in Different Languages
II. First Americans: Past Events Shape Present
      A. Past Leaves a Mark on Present
           1. Journal: Latin America Immigration
           2. Report: New World Map
           3. Chart: Cultural Influences
           4. Storybook: Quetzalcoatl Legend
           5. Myth: Mayan Civilization
           6. Skits: Aztec and Inca Downfall
           7. Report: End of Slavery
           8. Project: Papier-mache Globe
           9. Time Line: British and French Conflict
         10. Story: Roanoke Island Mystery
         11. Diary: Exploration
      B. Archaeology Reveals Past
           1. Report: Dating Artifacts
           2. Reconstruction: Archaeology Puzzle
           3. Grid: Archaeological Dig
           4. Time Capsule: Glimpse of Time
           5. Collection: Adventist Culture
      C. Same Needs, Different Methods
           1. Model: Ancient Civilization Architecture
           2. Book: Natural Disaster Myths
           3. Display: The Aztecs
           4. Art: Ancient Civilization Artists
           5. Poem: Recipe for the Creation of Man
           6. Replica: Inca Costumes
           7. Game: Pok-ta-pok
           8. Hieroglyphics: Mayan Writing System
           9. Math: Mayan Symbols
         10. Report: Ancient Calendars
         11. Model: Reducing Soil Erosion
         12. Role-play: Aztec Social Structure
         13. Report: Creating an Ancient Civilization
         14. Display: Using Every Part
         15. Totem Pole: Symbolism
         16. Art: Scrimshaw
         17. Script: Television Ice Age
         18. Game: Lacrosse Origins
         19. Display: Plains Indian Tools
III. Canada: A Divided Heritage

      A. People and Their Environment
           1. Flowchart: Tree to Table
           2. Collection: Natural Vegetation
           3. Model: Saint Lawrence Seaway Lock System
           4. Letter: Permafrost Solution
           5. Questionnaire: British Columbia Tourist
           6. Planning: Vacation in Canada
           7. Lecture: Canadian Geologist
           8. Summary: Prairie Boy
           9. Campaign: Save the Grand Banks!
      B. Cultural Heritage

           1. Reaction: Evangeline in Acadia
           2. Party: Plains Cultural Heritage
           3. Design: Canadian Flag
           4. Letter: Chinese-Canadian
           5. Phrase Book: Touring Quebec
           6. Article: Inuit and Western Civilization
      C. Past Leaves Mark on Present
           1. Report: A Different World
           2. Editorial: Join Ranks!
           3. Time Line: Canadian Independence
           4. Proposal: Canadian History Museum
           5. Letter: Hosting the Olympics
           6. Presentation: Thar's Gold in Them Thar Hills
           7. Report: Trends in Currency
      D. Working Together
           1. Report: Social Welfare State?
           2. Map: Canadian Pacific Railway
           3. Display: Which Government System is Best?
           4. Cartoons: U.S.-Canadian Relations
           5. Presentation: Mounties
           6. Chart: Common Heritage
           7. Display: Political Symbols
IV. Mexico: Ancient Civilization to Independent Nation
      A. Changes Through Struggle
           1. Time Line: Mexico History
           2. Report: Latin American Women
           3. Cartoon: Presidential Terms
           4. Play: French Attack!
           5. Mural: 1910 Revolution
           6. Letters: Colored Perceptions
           7. Oral Report: Creation of Words
           8. Panel Discussion: Manifest Destiny
           9. Display: Art Reproductions
      B. Use of Natural Resources
           1. Notebook: Silver Production
           2. Report: Mexican Oil Export
           3. Oral Report: Immigration Recommendation
      C. Geographical Uniqueness
           1. Display: Mexico and Spain
           2. Itinerary: Mexico Vacation
           3. Display: Village or City?
           4. Display: Independence Days
           5. Exhibit: Identifying Traits
V. Central America: Political and Economic Change
      A. Land Use Shapes Society
           1. Report: Natural Disasters
           2. Scrapbook: Belize Coral Reef
           3. Map: Pan American Highway
           4. Graph: Population Densities
      B. Past Events Shape Society
           1. Oral Report: Struggle for Independence
           2. Debate: Who's in Charge Anyway?
           3. Debate: Democracy vs. Dictatorship
           4. Ship's Log: What a Time Saver!
      C. Places to Live, Work and Play
           1. Display: New Chocolate Product
           2. Display: Currency Exchange
           3. Report: Going Bananas!
           4. Flowchart: Chocolate Production
           5. Notebook: Drug Production
VI. West Indies: An Island World
      A. Similar Land Forms, Similar Experiences
           1. Puzzles: West Indies
           2. Map: Islands of the West Indies
           3. Report: Living Near the Ocean
           4. Notebook: Bermuda Triangle Mystery
      B. Natural Resources Influence Economic Growth
           1. Report: Jamaica's Bauxite Industry
           2. Menu: Tropical Buffet
      C. Changes to Land and Culture
           1. Interview: A Pirate's Life
           2. Panel Discussion: Modern Pirates
           3. Display: Spanish Galleon or Pirate Ships
           4. Game: Route Attack!
           5. Story: Stranded!
           6. Maps: Buried Treasure
           7. Letters: Pen Pals
           8. Song: Cuban Exile
           9. Speech: Castro - Hero or Enemy?
         10. Bulletin Board: Would You Believe
VII. South America: A Land of Great Potential
      A. Natural Resources and Economy
           1. Story: Adventures
           2. Dictionary: Picture That
           3. Report: South American Economy
           4. Report: South American Industry
           5. Graph: World Waterfalls
           6. Report: Oil Discovery
           7. Report: Landlocked Bolivia
           8. Display: History of Llamas
           9. Pictorial Essay: Peruvian Farms
         10. Bulletin Board: Tin Production
         11. Book: Galapagos Wildlife
         12. Showcase: Copper's Value
         13. Chart: Chile's Land Regions
         14. Chart: Country Comparisons
         15. Model / Written Report: Hydroelectric Dams
         16. Time Line: Boom-and-Bust
         17. Graphs: Rivers in Brazil
         18. Oral Report: Jari Project
         19. Brochure: Tall Tale Trip
         20. Photo Essay: Brazil's Valuable Resources
         21. Poster: Rubber Products
      B. History Shapes Present
           1. News Bulletin: Revolution!
           2. Play: Switch Americas
           3. Monologue: In the Limelight
           4. Time Line: Revolution!
           5. Speech: Join Me in Revolt!
           6. Skit: Dictatorship or Democracy?
           7. Notebook: Quest for Independence
           8. Dictionary: Place Name Origin and Meaning
           9. Notebook: Rapid Growth
         10. Myths: Nazca Lines
         11. Written Report: Political Aspirations
         12. Bulletin Board Map: Buffer States
         13. Map / Report: Antarctica Land Claims
         14. Chart: Paraguay and Uruguay
         15. Fact Sheet: Country Comparison
         16. Biographical Dictionary: Famous Brazilians
         17. Persuasive Speech: Abolish Slavery!
      C. Geographical Uniqueness
           1. Diary: South American Family
           2. Dictionary: South American Origins
           3. Chart: Revolutions
           4. Poster: Travel to South America
           5. Listening Center: Songs of South America
           6. Report: Quality of Life and Education
           7. Letter: Highland Farming
           8. Poetry Review: Eldorado
           9. Appliqué Art: Columbian Style
         10. Recipe Book: Potatoes!
         11. Report: Nobel Prize
         12. Posters: Gaucho or Cowboy?
         13. List: Pampas Inventions
         14. Charts / Reports: Social Pyramids
         15. Advertisement: Buenos Aires Attractions
         16. Diorama: Geodesic Domes
         17. Planning: City of the Future
         18. Tables: Distance Between Cities
         19. Menu: Brazilian Restaurant
         20. Planning: Rio de Janeiro Carnival
         21. Picture Book: Selva Animals
         22. Written Report: The Game of Soccer
         23. Oral Report: Gasohol

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