Social Studies - Grade 5

I. Exploration and Colonization of North America
     A. Desire for Greater Opportunity

          1. Diary: Two Months at Sea
          2. Role-play: Will It Pay Off?
          3. Essay: Lessons Learned in Jamestown
          4. Chart: Why Settle in the New World?
     B. Different Groups and Individuals
          1. Essay: Voyage to the New World
          2. 3-D Map: New England Village
          3. Poem: Puritan Life
          4. Role-play: Quaker Worship
          5. Essay: Go West?
          6. Chart: Explorers
          7. Display: French or Spanish?
          8. Speech: Let's Go to America!
     C. Culture Exchange
          1. Play: Beothuk and Vikings Together
          2. Map: Piece of Art
          3. Report: Native American Society
          4. Story: Mystery of Roanoke Island
          5. Play: Pocahontas and John Rolf
          6. Cartoon: What's Their Opinion?
          7. Mural: A Helping Hand


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