Social Studies - Grade 4

I. State Geography: Dictates Habitation and Land Use
      A. Geography Affects People
           1. Poem: State Geography and Climate
           2. Chart: What's the Weather?
           3. Mural: State Natural Resources
      B. Geography Attracts People
           1. Map: State Geographical Regions
           2. Brochure: State Visitor's Guide
           3. Essay: Why This State?
II. State History: Paves the Way for the Future
      A. First Residents
           1. Craft: Native American Tools
           2. Poem: Native American Lifestyle
           3. Diary: Europeans? Who Are They?
      B. Explorers and Settlers Spread Awareness
           1. Time Line: On the Way to Statehood
           2. Celebration: Cultural Traditions
           3. Essay: My New Home
      C. Unity Strengthens Individual Parts
           1. Celebration: Happy Birthday, State!
           2. Itinerary: Two-week State Tour
           3. Debate: To Secede or Not To Secede
III. Seventh-day Adventist Involvement: Room to Grow

      A. History Paves the Way for Growth
           1. Historical Sketch: State Seventh-day Adventists
           2. Story: Seventh-day Adventist Institution
           3. Model: Scenes of History
      B. Members Strengthen Community
           1. Chart: Population and Church Income
           2. Map: Seventh-day Adventist Distribution
           3. Role-play: Seventh-day Adventist Jobs
      C. Unity Strengthens Future Growth
           1. Activity: Public Relations
           2. Letter: Bible Study Invitation
           3. Presentation: Church Growth
IV. Government: Orderly Protection of Human Rights
      A. Laws Provide Safety and Order
           1. Chart: Government Jobs
           2. Bulletin Board: Three Branches of Government
           3. Mural: Laws That Protect
      B. People Influence Government
           1. Petition: New Safety Rules
           2. Report: Air Pollution Laws
      C. Government is Located within Cities / Towns
           1. Play: Town Council
           2. Presentation: Government Job Responsibilities
V. Cultural Influences: Contribute to State Character
      A. Influences Affect Growth of Society
           1. Mural: Cultural Groups
           2. Map: State Cultural Groups
      B. Differences Add Color and Interest
           1. Chart: State Cultural Groups
           2. Party: Classroom Cultures



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