Social Studies - Grade 2

I. People and Places: Groups in a Neighborhood
      A. Working Together
           1. Planning: Help a Helping Group
           2. Play: Making Others Welcome
           3. Skit: Music or Madness
           4. Newspaper: Home and School

      B. Finding Common Interests
           1. Graph: Groups
           2. Questionnaire: A New Club
           3. Maps: Neighborhoods
           4. Story: Resolving Problems
           5. Letter: Moving to a New Community

      C. Strengthening Each Other
           1. Map: Giant Community Map
           2. Display: Different Communities
II. Celebrations: Communities Honor the Past

      A. Inspire Others
           1. Calendar: Special Days
           2. Report: Fireworks
           3. Play: American Revolution
           4. Cartoon: Prejudice Then and Now

           5. Storybook: Overcoming Prejudice
           6. Game: What Holiday Am I?
           7. Interview: Veteran
           8. Holiday Celebration: Honor a Bible Hero
           9. Display: History of US Flags
      B. Cultural Pride
           1. Research: Jewish Holiday
           2. Recipes: Christmas Cookie Cookbook
           3. Report: Passover
III. Earning and Spending: Interdependent Communities

      A. Doing Different Jobs
           1. Advertisement: Seasonal Merchandise
           2. Pictographs: Earning Money
           3. Bulletin Board: Popular Careers

      B. Depending on Each Other
           1. Flowchart: Ten Jobs from One
           2. Pictures: Before and After Industry
           3. Collection: World Products
           4. Assembly Line: Classroom Factory
           5. Report: Investment Project
           6. Report: Classroom Store
IV. Government: Communities Maintain Order
      A. Rules and Organization
           1. Analyze: Dodgeball Rules
           2. Chart: How Community Laws are Made
           3. Play: Class Without Rules
           4. Project: Rewriting the Ten Commandments
           5. Lists: Reasons for Rules

      B. Accepting Responsibility
           1. Rewritten Excuses: "It's Not My Fault!"
           2. Guest Speaker: Who Pays Your Teacher?
           3. Report: Civil Disobedience
      C. Services People Need
           1. Categorize: Community Service Workers
           2. Newspaper Article: Community Service Workers
           3. Planning: Honor Your School Workers
V. Communities of the Past: Growth and Change
      A. Respecting Individuality
           1. Recipes: Spanish / Mexican Food
           2. Celebration: Pinata Party
           3. Report: Native Americans in Pictures
           4. Letter: Rethink the American Revolution
           5. Report: Thanksgiving Day
           6. Map: Plan a New Town
           7. Report: Where Should I Live?

      B. Change and Conflict
           1. Story: Native Americans and the Missions
           2. Play: Spanish Missionaries
           3. Diary: Mayflower Experience
           4. Comic Strip: Boston Tea Party
      C. Past Contributes to Change
           1. Display: Where Did That Name Come From?
           2. Illustrations: George Washington, A Good Leader
           3. Map: Touring Washington D.C.
           4. Maps: Changes to My Community
VI. Communities Around the World: Similarities and Differences
      A. Respecting Individuality
           1. Pictures: Comparing Communities
           2. Game: Sport of Another Country
           3. Model: Japanese Garden
           4. Poetry: Japanese Haiku
           5. Display: The Perfect Bed
           6. Research: The Art of Karate

      B. Location Matters
           1. Display: Clothing Around the World
           2. Poster: House Design
           3. Book: First Colonists in Columbia
           4. Map: Different Land Different Jobs
           5. Report: Trade With Japan
           6. Poster: Caffeine or No Caffeine?


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