Social Studies - Grade 1

I. Maps and Globes: Directions and Models
      A. Maps
           1. Map: Design an Amusement Park
           2. Art: Directional Positions
           3. Collection: Maps and Their Uses
           4. Map: Classroom Board Map

           5. Map: Map Routing
II. Family and Friends: Understanding Our Uniqueness
      A. All People are Unique
           1. Bar Graph: Monthly Chores
           2. Chart: Which Child Are You?
           3. Comic Strip: Sequencing Chores
           4. Booklet: Leader or Helper?

           5. Poster: Past, Present, Future
      B. Similarities and Differences
           1. Collage: Similarities and Differences
           2. Poster: Family Tree
           3. Photo Album: My Family
      C. Accepting Others
           1. Puppet Show: Similarities and Differences
           2. Book Report: Big Messes
           3. Notes: A Thank-you to My Family
III. Rules and Laws: Choose and Live Well

      A. Rules are Necessary
           1. Poster: Watch That Sign!
           2. Lists: Keeping the Rules
           3. Model: Compare and Contrast

      B. Disregarding Rules has Consequences
           1. Skit: Consequences
           2. Pantomime: Which Law?
           3. Categorizing: Type of Rule
      C. Choices have Predictable Outcomes
           1. Game: Pictionary
           2. Poster: Food Groups
           3. Game: Needs vs. Wants
           4. Chart: Comparison Shopping
           5. Graph: Service or Goods?
IV. Neighbors Near and Far: People Around the World

      A. National Heritage Symbols
           1. Booklet: State Flags
           2. Report: Flags
           3. Vocabulary: Pledge of Allegiance
           4. Paraphrasing: Star Spangled Banner

      B. Holidays
           1. Calendar: Family Celebrations
           2. Menu: Thanksgiving Feast
           3. Game: Concentration
      C. Similarities
           1. Diorama: Pilgrim Village
           2. Display: A Pilgrim and You
      D. Differences
           1. Report: Mexico
           2. Word Find: Countries of the World
           3. Poster: World Cultures
           4. Food Fair: Favorite Foods



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