Mathematics - Grade 8

 I. The Numeration System
      1. Chart: New Land Math
      2. Drama: Zero, Worthless as Charged?
      3. Construction: Binary Adder
II. Whole Number Operation
      1. Newspaper Article: A Day in the Life of a Number
      2. Speech / Advertisement Brochure: Math Fun Camp
      3. Model / Poster: Napier's Bones
      4. Research Paper: Magic Math in History
III. Decimals
      1. Display / Report: Corvette Week
      2. Chart / Bulletin Board: Exchange Rate
IV. Fraction
      1. Puzzle: Magic Square Puzzle #1
      2. Puzzle / Report: Magic Square Puzzle #2
      3. Puzzle: Even Sized Magic Squares
      4. Poster: Infinite Series - Finite Sum
      5. Poster: Complex Fractions
      6. Drawing: Spirograph Fractions
V. Measurement
      1. Posters: Water Conservation and Use
      2. Computer or Device: Metric Measurement Converter
      3. Computer or Device: Standard Measurement Converter
VI. Integers
      1. Table: Integer Multiplication Table
      2. Story: Integer Chaos
      3. String Art: Space Spider
VII. Geometry
      1. Construction: Measuring Wheels
      2. Display: Smear the Sphere
      3. Experiment: Underwater Geometry
      4. Model / Poster: Market Value of a Tree
      5. Model / Demonstration: Pythagorean Theorem
      6. Drawing: Space Age Graphics
VIII. Ratio and Proportion
      1. Table / Report: Bike Racing Ratios
      2. Chart / Oral Report: The Pace of Life on Earth
      3. Essay: World Conversion
      4. Graph / Table: Experiment in Speed
IX. Percent
      1. Report / Chart: Rich or Poor, Who Pays More?
      2. Skit / Story: Rich Uncle Dies - A Simulation
      3. Sales Pitch: Good or Bad Investment
X. Statistics and Probability
      1. Game: Invent a Game
      2. Model: Tower of Hanoi
      3. Model: Pascal's Triangle Probability Demonstration
XI. Rational and Real Numbers
      A. Right Triangles
           1. Model: Chords of Equal Time
           2. Model / Diagram / Report: Spiral of Archimedes
      B. Squares and Square Roots
           1. Table: Finding Your Roots on TerraSquara

XII. Equations and Inequalities
      1. Dot to Dots: Super Math Dot-to-Dot
      2. Poster / Bulletin Board: Equation Graphics
      3. Track & Trail Course: Math Track and Trail
      4. Road Map Rally: Mathematical Map Rally
      5. Demonstration / Table / Poster: Pendulum Probe
      6. Report: Hey, Mom! Turn Off the Lights
      7. Brochure: Investigation - New Refrigerator


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