Mathematics - Grade 7

 I. The Numeration System
      1. Demonstration: New Number System
      2. Poster: School Clothes
II. Whole Number Operations
      1. Report: Calculator Story
      2. Report: History of Calculating
      3. Chart: Basic Operations
      4. Game: Math Trivial Pursuit

III. Decimals
      1. Model: Currency Calculator
      2. Poster: Decimal Multiplication Model
IV. Fractions
      1. Game: Fraction Game
      2. Poster: Division - Is there an easier way?
      3. Baking: Fraction Cookie
      4. Report: Repeating Decimals to Fractions
V. Measurement
      1. Game: Olympic Simulation
      2. Lab: Metric / US Standard Learning Lab
VI. Integers
      1. Bulletin Board: Tautonyms
      2. Model: Slide Rule
VII. Geometry
      1. Bulletin Board: Mathtoons
      2. Bulletin Board: Spiral by Squares
      3. Bulletin Board: Areas of Polygons
      4. Display: Geometry of Stained Glass
VIII. Ratio and Proportion
      1. Demonstration: Music by Pythagoras
      2. Model: Right Triangle Ratios
IX. Percent
      1. Report: A Taxing Problem
      2. Chart: Cars - Appreciate or Depreciate
      3. Bulletin Board: Food for Less?
      4. Poster: Blow Up
X. Statistics and Probability
      1. Survey: New Store on the Block
      2. Report: Stock Purchase
      3. Report: Error Analysis
XI. Equations
      1. Mobile: Equation Mobile
      2. Computer Program: Reading Rate

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