Mathematics - Grade 4

I. Numbers and Numeration
      A. Place Value
           1. Bar Graph / Discussion: California Cities
           2. Creative Teaching Device: Understanding Place Value
           3. Game: Place Value
      B. Tables and Graphs

           1. Circle Graph: Class Daily Schedule
2. Oral Report: Are We Watching Too Much T.V.?

      C. Number Systems
           1. Crossnumber Puzzle: Can You Read Egyptian Numbers?
           2. Worksheet: My Own Number System
           3. Play / Skit: Who Is Famous and Why?
           4. Visual Aide: Prefixes In Math?
II. Whole Number Operations

      A. Addition
           1. Mapping / Class Discussion: Family Vacation
           2. Game: Brain Teasers
      B. Subtraction

           1. Worksheet: Number Search
           2. Tree Graph / Oral Report: "Hare Raising"
           3. Puzzle: How Much Is It Worth?
      C. Multiplication / Division

           1. Game: From Here to There
           2. Poster / Story Problems: Eating Healthy With Math
           3. Game: 4-In-A-Row

III. Money, Time, Measurement

      A. Money
           1. Chart / Oral Report: Supermarket Better Buy
           2. Calculation: Eating Out On a Budget
      B. Time

           1. Scheduling: Time Management Plan
      C. Measurement
           1. Building Project: Underwater City

IV. Fractions and Decimals

      A. Fractions / Decimals
           1. Palindrome: Fun With Decimals
           2. Cooking: Yum! Yum! Cookies
V. Geometry

      A. Shapes and Figures
           1. Creative Writing: Joys of Being a Geometric Shape
      B. Perimeter and Area

           1. Task Cards: Shape Detective
      C. Volume
           1. Estimation: Marshmallow Fun
           2. Transparency: King Henry's Staircase

VI. Graphing, Statistics, Probability
      A. Probability, Graphing
           1. Bar Graph: Telephone Book Experiment



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