Mathematics - Grade 3

I. Numbers and Numeration
      A. Place Value
           1. Demonstration: Place Value
           2. Model: Place Value
           3. Game: Place Value
      B. Tables and Graphs

           1. Collage: Tables and Graphs In The Real World
2. Table: How Far Are The Planets?

      C. Number Systems
           1. Worksheet: Roman Numerals
II. Whole Number Operations

      A. Addition
           1. Game:Double Digit
           2. Game: Magic Squares
           3. Puzzle: Name Value
           4. Palindrome: What and How?
      B. Subtraction

           1. Puzzle: Crossnumber Puzzle
           2. Timeline: Famous Musician
      C. Multiplication / Division
           1. Survey Poster: School Uniforms
           2. Fundraiser: School Fair
           3. Rhyme / Song / Rap: Multiplication Rhythm
           4. Teaching Device: Solving Step by Step
           5. Manipulative: Grids With A Pattern
III. Money, Time, Measurement

      A. Money
           1. Chart: Shopping Spree
           2. Bar Graph: Foreign Currency
           3. Poster / Bulletin Board: How Many Ways?
      B. Time

           1. Table: Class Schedule
           2. Bulletin Board: Time Zones
      C. Measurement
           1. Line Graph / Oral Report: Metric Plants
           2. Recipe: Party Punch
           3. Experiment: Cricket Temperatures
IV. Fractions and Decimals

      A. Fractions
           1. Game: Fraction Mania
           2. Demonstration: Straw Fractions
      B. Decimals
           1. Oral Report: Odometer Fun
V. Geometry

      A. Shapes and Figures
           1. Collage: Shapes Everywhere
           2. Design: Architectural Masterpiece
           3. Written Description: Mystery Design
      B. Perimeter and Area

           1. Graphing: Perimeters of 20
           2. Graphing / Oral Report: Bedroom Furniture
      C. Volume
           1. Demonstration: How Come?
           2. Model: Sugar Cube Solids
           3. Written Report / Demonstration: Volume Prediction
VI. Graphing, Statistics, Probability
      A. Probability, Graphing
           1. Experiment / Discussion: Die Predictions



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