Mathematics - Grade 2

I. Numbers and Numeration
      A. Place Value
           1. Activity: Missing Numbers
           2. Activity: Guesstimate
      B. Number Patterns
           1. Game: Twenty-One
           2. Art: Tessellating Trees
II. Whole Number Operations

      A. Addition
           1. Game:4-In-A-Row
           2. Activity: Winning Names
      B. Subtraction
           1. Game: Below Zero
           2. Game: Close Call
III. Money, Time, Measurement

      A. Money
           1. Activity: Strike It Rich
           2. Activity: Price is Right!
      B. Time
           1. Activity: Seven Eggs
           2. Activity: Time Flies...
      C. Measurement
           1. Activity: Mr. Rex's Footprint
           2. Activity: Scoops in a Jar
IV. Fractions and Decimals

      A. Fractions
           1. Activity: Day In and Day Out
V. Geometry
      A. Shapes and Figures
           1. Activity: Geoboards, Fence Posts and Trees
VI. Graphing, Statistics, Probability
      A. Graphing / Statistics / Probability
           1. Activity: How Many Chips in a Chocolate Cookie?



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