I. Figures and Measures
      1. Investigation: Human Geometry
      2. History: Ancient Lines and Circles
      3. Investigation: Tracing Puzzles
II. Deductive and Inductive Reasoning
      1. Display: Cartoons
      2. Literature: Twisted Logic
      3. Display: The Ad Trap
III. Angles and Perpendiculars
      1. Application: Triangulation
      2. Activity: Miniature Golf
      3. Art: Now You See It; Now You Don't
IV. Parallels

      1. History: Size of the Earth
      2. History: Parallel Alternatives
      3. Art: A Matter of Perspective
V. Congruent Triangles
      1. Art: The Symmetry of God
      2. Application: Rotary Combustion Engine
      3. Discovery: One-sided Bands
      4. Puzzles: Does It Fit?
      5. Research: Triangles in the Round
VI. Polygons

      1. Game: Polygons
      2. Models: Poly Here or Polygon
      3. Art: Blueprint Geometry
      4. Display: Let's Play a Tournament
VII. Similarities

      1. Art: Facelift
      2. Model: Mechanical Copier
      3. Model: Lilliputian School
VIII. Right Triangles and Trigonometry
      1. Application: Around the World
      2. History: Presidential Math
      3. Investigation: Pythagorean Triples
IX. Circles
      1. Application: I Can See Clearly Now
      2. Constructions: Oh No, I've Lost My Ruler!
      3. Application: There's a Race to be Run
X. Areas and Volume
      1. Investigation: Dice of the Gods
      2. Art: Warped Art
      3. Investigation: Napoleon's Triangles
XI. Coordinate Geometry
      1. Activity: Graphcodes
      2. Investigation: The Patina Game
      3. Activity: Computer Animation


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