Algebra 1

I. Mathematical Expressions
      A. Signed Numbers
           1. Oral Report: History of the Subtraction Sign
           2. Computer Game: Teaching Operations of Signed Numbers
           3. Display: Negative Signs
      B. Order of Operations

           1. Song: Rank or Order - Who Comes First?
2. Display: How Much is a Year?

           3. Chart: Secret Operators
      C. Variable Expressions

           1. Number Tricks: ESP
           2. Investigation: What Good is this for Life?
           3. Investigation / Report: The Mathematics of
n2 – 1
      D. Simplifying
           1. Puzzle: Cross Number Puzzle
II. Equations and Inequalities in One Variable
      A. Solving Equations
           1. Puzzle: Inverted Calculator
           2. Financial Table: Investor
           3. Skit: Walk Through Equations
      B. Solving Inequalities

           1. Debate: Prison Overcrowding
           2. Investigation / Display: Calorie Counter
           3. Newspaper Article: Cell Phone Plan
           4. Investigation / Display: Package Delivery     
      C. Solving Word Problems

           1. Problems: On Your Own

           2. Problems / Bulletin Board: How to Get a Job
           3. Puzzle / Display: Play it Again, Sam
III. Polynomials

      A. Operations with Polynomials
           1. Table / Model: Below Zero
           2. Investigation / Report: Giant Numbers
           3. Tricks / Report: 1089!
      B. Multiplying Binomials and Factoring Trinomials
           1. Model: Perfect Square
2. Model: Perfect Cube

           3. Demonstration: Pascal's Triangle
      C. Solving Quadratic Equations
1. Brain Teaser: Log Stack
           2. Investigation / Report: Quadratic Formula
           3. Brain Teaser / Report: W. G. A.
           4. History Investigation / Display: Diophantus
IV. Rational Expressions

      A. Simplifying Fractions
           1. Display: Golden Ratio
           2. Problem Solving: Egytian Math
           3. Investigation / Oral Report: Election Year
      B. Operations with Fractions

           1. Activity / Diagram: Around the World
           2. Investigation: Correct Results from Wrong Methods
           3. Investigation: Can You Make the Grade?
      C. Fractional Equations and Problem Solving

           1. Computation / News Article: Mass of the Earth
           2. Resistance Circuit / Display: Large Charge
           3. Computer Program: Perpetual Calendar
V. Functions, Relations and Graphs

      A. Functions and Relations
           1. Consumer Chart: Footprints

           2. Chart / Poster: Clothing Simplicity
           3. Application / Display: "Can I Borrow the Car?..."

           4. Investigation: Guess the Polynomial
      B. Graphs and Writing Linear Equations
           1. Graphic Art: Graffiti
           2. Game: Grid Lock!
           3. Model: Coordinate Campus
      C. Graphing Simple Quadratic Equations

           1. Model: Conic Sections
           2. Poster Design: Wiggle Graphs
           3. Teaching Aid: Percent Computer
Systems of Equations
           1. Application: Armchair Quarterback
           2. Geometry / Model: The Center of Things
           3. Investigation / Report: Consecutive Systems
VII. Radicals
           1. Computer Program: Number with No End
           2. Drama: Irrational History

           3. Application: The Key to Music
           4. Investigation: Planet X
VIII. Trigonometry
           1. Trig. Table: In the Footsteps of Hipparchus
           2. History Investigation: Word Origins

           3. Memory Device: Sing a Song of Trig.
           4. Model: Time in the Sun



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