To the Educators

The FORTE Activities are designed to enable students to share the products of their talents and gifts with their classmates, school and community.


Students choosing to use the FORTE program will have the opportunity to study and work at their own level of ability.


Students in the FORTE program will become responsible for their own learning by independently choosing and creating products from a group of activities using different learning styles, multiple intelligences and creative gifts.


Advanced students who are bored or frustrated with school can become highly motivated to learn when given the opportunity to take charge of their learning by using their gifts to pursue their particular interests.


1. The differentiated activities are totally self-instructional, which frees the teacher from instructional responsibility, requiring only that the teacher negotiate a contract with the student. Technology, though not specifically mentioned in individual activities, is expected to be a strong component throughout each step of the  FORTE program. Forte students will be able to choose from and have creative involvement in differentiated activities, which are appropriate to the content of the current curriculum being taught in the classroom.
2. Students using the Forte program will demonstrate mastery of the current unit of the core curriculum being taught in the classroom before using a differentiated activity in place of regular classroom activities for that unit. 
3. Mastery of the core curriculum can be achieved by compacting the learnings of the general curriculum and then showing mastery on the unit tests. 
4. Differentiated assignments differ from general student assignments only in quality and quantity.  The time required remains the same. 
5. Forte team and group projects may include non-participating students where needed and appropriate.