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For Talents in Education

Differentiated Activities for K-12

The Seventh-day Adventist school system offers educational programs appropriate to the abilities, talents and gifts of each student. Forte, a comprehensive program for grades K-12, provides differentiated activities and learning experiences in three core curriculum areas: Mathematics, Social Studies and Language Arts.

Forte is designed so that the participants can share what they learn with their classmates, school, and community. Therefore, all the students in the classroom will benefit from those who participate in the Forte curriculum.

Students who use Forte have the opportunity to study and work at their own level of ability. Advanced students can become bored or frustrated with school. But if given the opportunity to take charge of their education by pursing their particular interests, they can find the motivation to excel beyond all boundaries.

The process begins by the student choosing a differentiated activity from an appropriate group of Forte curriculum learning experiences, which draw from a variety of learning styles, multiple intelligences and creative gifts. These activities are completely self-instructional, freeing the teacher to focus on other duties.  The teacher will only need to negotiate a contract with the student and give positive support and encouragement.

The use of technology and a variety of resources will be a strong component throughout each step of the program. Consequently, the student will need access to these resources in the classroom and at home.